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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 3, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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how long is she going to be living here? (mom) give her one of these... (announcer) cheerios, with one single gram of sugar... ahh... hey... (announcer) ...makes for a perfect beginning. maybe we'll keep her. (cheerios spilling) (announcer) how can something so little... do something so big. polls across virginia are just getting ready to open. >> i'm right-handing for governor because i want to create opportunity, prosperity and hope. >> i never dreamed that i'd
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have the opportunity to stand in the footsteps of tomas jefferson and patrick-ery one day to be the governor of virginia. this morning, we'll be live with election coverage across the area and also a look at some of the other issues at stake. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues now. taking a live look at the 14th street bridge. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. some elects we are watching this morning. we'll bring you the latest coming up. some people might be standing in line. a little nippy out there. >> yeah, it is. you want to have a jacket with you. we have our temperatures in the 30s in the outlying suburbs. let's take a look. we do have mostly clear skies. you may encounter some fog this morning in some of the low- lying areas and near some of the waterways so you want to be aware of that. on the upper left hand portion of your screen there, you soo he those clouds.
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that is the cold front at is going to be making its way through here later on today and that will bring a change in the wind direction andt will usher in some cooler temperatures. right now though, it is 45 degrees -- now, we've just dropped down to 44 degrees in washington. riew., 89%. winds are out of the southwest at five miles per hour. your forecast for today, a lot of sunshine, becoming breezy with winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. high today about 62 degrees. we'll have more the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. let's check in with julie and look at traffic this morning. >> i'm the only one that when tony says usher, i think of the artist and not like ushering in weather. >> you may be. >> he says usher and i go yeah! i hear the beat and everything. all right. out on the roads, we've got the lanes open if you are traveling along 66 eastbound trying to make your way past 123. we mentioned there was a crash earlier but all of the activity
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has cleared. lanes are open once again. suzanne nikolaus is slow traveling between the two 234 interchanges but other than that, still smooth sailing to the beltway. no accidents to report here. typical volumes starting to increase. southbound 95, we had the crash at 17 pal fought, -- at 17 falmouth, that involved an overturned vehicle. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. vote enters virginia have just started casting their ballots in the last couple minutes. the latest polls show republican bob mcdonnell retaining double digit leads over creigh deeds. that is snot stopping deeds' party from trying to stage a comeback. >> sarah simmons joins us live from a polling place in annandale with more on the story. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. the polls just opened here in virginia. we've seen a few people that have just started coming by our way. but yesterday, we really were take august look at this last- minute bush and creigh deeds who has been consider the the underdog in this race was trying to energize the supporters and trying to get people out to the polls, despite what some of the polling numbers have been showing in the past few weeks. bob mcdonnell, the republican in this race, really doing the same. trying to convince people to still get out there and vote despite when these polls are saying even though he has been enjoying a double dim its lead in the polls. he says it really comes do to one day to get out there and get out the vote. he was campaigning yesterday around the state, also making a stop in alexandria. creigh deeds also was trying to make up some ground as well campaigning with governor tim kaine yesterday and also president obama coming out on his behalf last week trying to help him regain some ground as well and he really did hold off on campaigning for creigh deeds
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there for a while but we're really noticing in the last couple of days how he has been in the ads on television. there is concern as it whether or not the democrats still have momentum here in the state of virginia after the november election from last year when president barack obama won. of course, we will be watching that all day. polls close here at 7:00 p.m. everyone will continue to watch and see what will happen in this race and see if the democrats can pull it out one more time. back to you, steve, gurvir. >> thank you. also on the ballot for virginia voters, lieutenant governor, attorney general an auld # hundred seats in the house of delegates. we'll be live in richmond tonight with complete coverage of all the races. >> we are watching elections in maryland including mayors races in boe, gaithersburg, takoma park, rockville.
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for the late result, go to and click on politics. the other top stories, two men have been arrested and charged in a deadly hooting at a halloween party in howard county t happened early sunday morning along manor stone lane in columbia. at least 100 people were in and around the home when p 22 qleerld devon dixon opened fire killing one man and leaving another critically injured. he is charged with murder and is expected to be back in court next month. the second man charged is out of jail on bond. police say he drove the getaway car. police also investigating what appears to be a murder- suicide. a father said he returned home to find h 17-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old man dead inside a bedroom. both had been shot. the two attended forest park high school. counselors there are expected to be on hand today for classmates. students are on alert at georgetown university after a student was beaten in an apparent gay hate crime. it is the second time in has happened in the past week. police say the student was taxed sunday morning at 36th and n streets and beaten so
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badly that he was taken to the hospital. before the attacks, the suspect asked if the victim was gay. last week, the university says two men attacked a female student wearing a shirt supporting gay rights. the school is reminding students to stay vigilant. contamination concerns prompt a massive ground brief recall. >> some of it was sold here in our area. we'll have details on which brand coming up next. > maryland has tea sided to extend the warning period for drivers caught on maryland speed cameras. it is now six minutes past the hour. stay with us. more of fox 5 morning news coming up. there is the 14th street bridge. 
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making headlines, you will want to check your freers. there is a massive beef recall involving meet sold in the northeast including virginia and maryland. the ground beef from a company
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called fairbanks farms possibly contaminated with e. coli. investigators believe it is connected to two deaths and 26 other illnesses. it was packaged from several ways practice meat loaf and meatball mix to hamburger patties. giant and trader joe's sold the meat in our area. we'll have the complete information on on our health page. we are learning more about the impact of federal recovery money in the d.c. area. according to the "washington post," a new government report shows federal aid for education has created or saved more than 7,000 jobs in the district, maryland and virginia. the money was part of the $67.6 billion provided by the department of education to states through the month of september. the yankees were one win way from taking the world series last night but it did not happen. here is a big reason why. >> a fly ball into right. back at the wall. utley. 3-1 philadelphia. >> the game goes back to the bronx tonight following the phillies win. two of the home runs last night
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came off the bat of chase utley. he has tied reggie jackson's world series record of five home runs in a world series. can you catch game six tonight here. it starts at 7:30. maryland drives get a little while longer before they get tucketted from speed cameras. >> check out this picture. we're down on the national mall. look at the low cloud cover. you can just see the top of the washington monument. beautiful shot this morning. it is 11 minutes past the hour of 6:00. keep it right here for the latest election results through outthe day. polls are open in virginia right now. opened at the top of the hour. vote ares are choosing the commonwealth's next governor. they will open in maryland at 7:00. we are watching several mayoral races as well. stay with us. more after this. only one store has all the toys your kids want-
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montgomery county firefighters were called out it a home along medeki street if
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rockville. they say the five people inside the me were okay but they will need awe new place to stay. and their extensive bird collection was destroyed. twenty-two par rots, parakeets and finchs all died in the fire. one parakeet was found alive. firefighters say the cause of the fire could have been an electrical problem. a little cool start to the day out there. that shot we showed a couple of times of the washington monument looks pretty eerie. >> that is the word. i couldn't think of the word. eerie is how it looks. we have patchy dense fog. look at that. it is so weird looking. it is cool though because sometimes, remember one day last week we had the low-level clouds obscuring the top of the moment. now you ever the fog laying down in the valley there. >> that is beautiful though, isn't it? >> it's pretty picture. you don't necessarily want to drive in it but it is pretty. you will find fog here and
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there this morning. temperatures are cold. it is 44 degrees here in washington. a lot of 30s out there. baltimore, 9 degrees there. 4 in culpeper. 32 in martinburg. so a possibility of some frost out there as well. well out to the west or probably oddly enough off across eastern and southern portions of maryland. 46 up in pittsburgh. 44 in new york city. richmond is at 41 degrees at this hour. satellite-radar, take a look at. this first of all, this doesn't really show you the fog that we're seeing across the region but it does show you the leading edge of that cold front. that is the clouds that you see through western pennsylvania entering west virginia now across ohio into ktucky. that is a cold front that gets through here late today. most of the day, we won't be feeling the effects of that front but then later on, during the late afternoon and evening, the temperatures will start to drop off and the wind will shift. here is what we're looking at
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for the next couple of days. for today, a couple of clouds come through when the front comes through. tomorrow, more clouds begin to knock on the door. we'll get a pretty good amount of sunshine, maybe a brief shower late wednesday into thursday. most of that precipitation pushes off to the north. your forecast for today, it will be a dry day. here is what we're looking at. a high temperature in the low 60s. 62degrees under mostly sunny skies. for tonight, patchy frost is possible. 39 in town. that will mean low to mid-30s outside of town. tomorrow, 55 degrees. cooler air in place for a few days. saturday, high about 60 degrees. that is what is happening with the weather. more on the morning rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> the accident still there southbound 9517 falmouth, this
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one involving a tractor- trailer. if you are traveling here at the american legion bridge, fog that tony is talking about, can you see it. it is just kind of linking here at the american legion bridge. for those that travel on the outer loop, it looks like you are traveling into the unknown at this point off the outer headed down into fairfax. usually, we can see around the curve there. not the case early this morning. i don't think it is hindering the visibility of the overhead signs. but again, depending on where you are traveling in from, allow yourself extra time because of this. 66 eastbound, no accidents to report right now approaching 7100. the pace will slow between 50 and 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a woman was hit and killed in a grocery store parking lot in prince george's county. it happened yesterday afternoon in front of a shopper's food warehouse on martin luther king, jr. highway in bowie. the elderly driver was all hurt but is expected to be okay. this comes just a few days after montgomery county launchean effort to promote pedestrian safety in parking
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lots. "washington post" reports one survey found 22% of that county's pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots. drivers in maryland are about to get another break as state is extending the warning phase for drivers would blow through the speed limit in speed camera zones. more than 900 warnings have been given out since october 14th the warping phase was supposed to end saturday but the state decided to give leadfoots until november 15th. that, a $40 fine. a mmuter nightmare in califora is over as the san francisco oakland bay bridge is now open. the bridge was closed for emergency repairs after two rods and a crossbar snapped on tuesday sending 5,000 pounds of metal into traffic. one person was hurt and three cars were damaged. business beat is coming up next. we are talking more about some very good news from ford. looks like efforts to bail out the troubled automaker are working. as we go to break, the next time somebody tells you to stop being so negative, tell them to ponder. this a new study out of the australia found some somebody is in a bad mood, they are less gullible. they have an improved ability
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to judge others and it even boosts your memory so be careful. >> tucker ought to be in good shape then.
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topping our business beat this morning, can you get ready for credit card companies that are boosting interest rates again. the move comes ahead of sweeping reforms set to take effect in february. those reforms include a ban on interest rate hikes for existing balances. sto be sure to check your statements carefully and take a look t any letters or e-mails you get from your credit card companies. >> things looking a little better for ford than they were a few months ago. more on that in just a minute. first, let's take a look at the mark wet chris cotter. yesterday, we finished in positive territory but it looks like futures are going to give that back once again. we are not really beginning any traction here, are we? >> no, yeah, you're right, we seem to be sliding down that slippery slope and every time
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we have a little bit of a positive day like we had yesterday rallying in the afternoon and gained 77 points, we do give it back. right now in europe, they are trading significantly lower, down over 2% across the board. our futures are down significantly as well, steve so granted we have three hours left to go before the opening bell but it looks like we'll give back everything that we gained yesterday and probably more at the open. >> that is for the good news but there is good news for one automaker. ford was the one company at didn't want any federal bailout help and it looks like they turned things around themselves. what is going on with ford? >> yeah, you know, double-digit gains yesterday in terms of the stocks really performing well. yesterday, they gave us third quarter earnings that just blue away the street's expectations. everyone was expecting a loss and they earned almost a billion dollars and maybe even more importantly than that, their sales were up as well. they said 2011, they should be
6:26 am
solidly profitable. all along, we've been hearing that they will break even in 2011. that is the positive news. we know cash for clunkers sort of mudied the water a little bit. maybe even more important than ford's earnings will be the fact that we'll get all of the october sales numbers from all the automotive companies throughout the course of the day today. that s important because we need to see how this industry is doing post-cash for clunkers. are we seeing hints of a rebound. we are expecting about 10.3 to 10.5 million annualized units for the month of october. that is really at the bottom range of what needs to happen for the ought motive industry to remain sustainable. but at least it is there and it is a sustainable number. >> we'll keep an ee on the rest of the numbers. it is election day in virginia. the polls have been open for about a half hour now. let's get live to sarah simmons. >> the polls are open. people are starting to trickle in as everyone across country and here in virginia watches for the big race here.
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the governor's race. we will have the latest coming up after the break. more and more,
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this is an eerie photo of the monument. we do have fog across the region. reagan national airport is reporting fog and mist with reduced visibility down to about our miles. >> that looks like a lighthouse. >> it looks like we could use a lighthouse out there. you want to be aware of that if
6:32 am
you are driving in the low- lying areas near the bridges and waterways. you will find more fog. take a look at the current tells. 44degrees here in the district. up and down the atlantic seaboard, 46 in new york city. 52 down in norfolk. milder air in place there. we do have locations where temperatures are in the 0s this morning including in baltimore. tars take . -- in the 30s this morning inclung in baltimore. once the sun comes up which will be any moment now, we'll start to get that fog to burn off. that will be a slow process, however. the forecast for today, the pop- up temperatures looking for a high today of about 62degrees here in washington. 60 in annapolis. not bad. temperatures where b. where they should be. late this afternoon, the temperatures will start to drop. there you go. >> thank you. >> lets me mention, coming up in 15 minutes, ask the weather
6:33 am
guy. today's question is for the birds. >> all righty then. let's check in with julie wright to find out what is happening out on the roads. >> as if the band, the birds? >> no, the birds. >> i was just asking. i figured tony would be impressed. >> i am. name one of their hits. >> oh, boy. >> we'll comb back to you on that. >> can i call a friend? i got to go back to rock radio. here we go. let's start off in virginia. eastbound 66 east of the car rest area, that is where we had a crash. this accident was tying up the two right lanes. they moved it over to the shoulder so all of the lanes are open once again. delays are forming out of manassas headed eastbound on 66. than the pace improves only to slow again after 7100 headed
6:34 am
east towards fire fair oaks and 123. westbound on the freeway, wade stalled car as you make your way over to the third street tunnel. now, the lane are open if you are traveling south on 207 leaving germantown headed for the lane divide. this is where we've got the crash involving this tractor- trailer. it is a two-lane stretch because they are alternating traffic by one direction at a time. this will cost you a good five to six minutes as you travel both east and westbound muncaster mill road over at avery. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. thank you. time now is 6:34. the polls in virginia have been open for just about a half hour now. the "washington post" reports state election officials are hoping there will be 45% of eligible voters who head out to the polls today. that would be a record for the governor's race in virginia. it is not just the locals who are watching this race. >> the country is waiting to see whether republicans will reclaim political position in the commonwealth.
6:35 am
sarah simmons has been following this story for us all morning. she is in falls church where voters are starting to cast their ballots. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen a handful of voter that have turned out this morning and it is interesting just to talk with them. there are definitely both sidessides, democrat and republican represented here. it will interesting to see how the day plays out. can you take a look behind me. these are campaign workers getting set up for a very long day here in falls church as people head out to the polls. now, the candidates, of course, made their big push yesterday. deeds is really trying to tell people not to pay attention to the polls. he was trying to get his supporters energized to get them out to the polls today. the republican candidate bob mcdonnell doing the same thing. even though he has really led with a double-digit lead in the polls, he was trying to let his supporter know that today is what matters. those are just the numbers. don't pay attention to those. he is trying to get people out.
6:36 am
he was at a rally in alexandria yesterday. he it a stated-wide tour in his last-minute push. same thing for creigh deeds. he is trying to make up some ground. he was campaigning with governor tim kaine by his side. president obama last week. let's hear what both candidates had to say in their last-minute push yesterday to get out the vote. >> running for governor because i want to create opportunity being prosperity and hope in every corner of the commonwealth. it is more than just a slogan for me. it is my life's work. >> doesn't matter how many all americans you got on the roster, how hasn't all pros. it is all about who shots up on game day. elects are the same. >> the polls will be open until 7:00 p.m. effect across the country is really watching this race
6:37 am
wondering if the democrats still have theomentum. also on the ballot in virginia is lieutenant governor, attorney general and all 100 seats in the house of delegates. a lot to vote. for we'll be live some richmond tonight on fox 5 news with a wrap-up and in maryland, where the polls open at 7:00 being we are watching mayoral races in bowie, gaithersburg, takoma park, rockville and annapolis. also, more local races as well. can you find the complete list on-line at and one oocht big races that is in the national spotlight -- and one of the other big races that is in the national spotlight is for governor in new jersey. >> jon corzine trying to fend off chris christie. president obama spent political capital to save corzine's campaign and made a trip to jersey on sunday. some analysts say a republican win would be considered an embarrassment for the white house. in new york state ache split over the seat's 2rd congressional district. the official gop candidate withdrew after being overwhelmed by a rival bid from
6:38 am
doug hoffman with the conservative party. he won controversial backing from senior republicans including sarah palin and is now leading the race in the polls. yesterday, vice president joe biden campaigned with bill owens. >> if you would like a complete list of today's big races and keep up with whose leading out there, can you stay tuned to fox 5 and also also new this morning, the latest in the ongoing drama between d.c. city council and mayor adrian fenty. the "washington post" reports that harry thomas jr. plans to introduce emergency legislation that would set new limits for the fenty administration. under one measure, the cfo would be banned from transferring any found to the housing authority for 90 days. d.c. police are asking for help to find a missing senior zit den. allen lane is 93 years old an is in need of medication and may be disoriented. he was last seen at his home on
6:39 am
monday on q street northwest. he is about six feet tall, weighing about 20 pounds. he was last seen wearing tan pants arab blue and black striped shirt, a black fleece jacket and also a black cap. maryland has issued its first silver alert for a missing senior citizen. 84-year-old arthur mulkey was last seen sunday night. he is 5'7" and weighs about 160 pounds. he has gray hair and blue eyes. the silver alert notification system went into effect in maryland on october 1st. police have cut up with two people believed to be behind a deadly shooting at a halloween fire. they say one man opened fire and another drove the getaway car. paul wagner has the details. howard county police say they knew who they were looking for. two men who shared this mobile
6:40 am
home on maul part indrive on elk ridge. neighbors say police stormed the house arresting dixon and his roommate. >> i have nothing against them, you know. every time i went out, they waved to me and i waved to them. so it is really surprising really. >> reporter: at least 100 people were and around this howard county home when police say devon dixon opened fire. >> i ran out the back. >> police say this house on manor stone lane was represented for the purposes of the party. no one answered the door when we called today. in the foyer, you can see a number of shoes left behind. police say they are investigating the possibility party goers were charged admission. >> we have some information about that. i visited the scene myself and there was wrist bans so that is obviously something that we'll look at. >> reporter: police say word of the party spread through social networking web sites. aaron bryce had been looking
6:41 am
forward today party all week. >> effect loved him. everybody loved him. all husband friends. he was the life of the party. didn't have a bad bone in him at all. >> reporter: we talked to his dad tony outside his silver spring home. >> kids don't have to go out every night, don't have to go out every holiday. there is always trouble after twelve mid night. stay hoe. it is not worth it. it is just not worth it. >> reporter: howard county police say they are still seeking people would attended the party and their investigation is continuing. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> the second man charged is out of jail on bond. police say he was the one driving the getaway car. a judge has ordered that dixon be held without bond. the hunt is on to find two men who opened fire in downtown sill sprier -- silver spring shooting a man n his leg stunning people in the area because it happened during rush hour on a packed street. there are no other witnesses
6:42 am
besides the victim and the woman he was walking with. she was not hurt. we have details on more swine flu vaccination clinics happening in our area today. an update on the vaccine and its use with pregnant women. there has been a change to the number of suggested times that moms to be may need to be vaccinated for it to be most effective. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we cano towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia!
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making headlines, yankee fans were ready identify world series wins win but the phillies are still hanging on. >> and apply ball into right. back at the wall. utley, 3-1 philadelphia. >> he hit another one too. the game goes back to the bronx tonight after the phillies' 8-6 win. ame six will be tonight on fox 5. it will start at 7:30. so german researchers created an iphone app that
6:46 am
allows your phone to act like a remote control for your car. the app has separate buttons to sk sell rate and brake. it has a steering wheel. signals between the phone and car are transferred between a wireless network connection. the technology will not hit the streets any time soon. there are some legal issues as you can imagine standing in the way of having giant remote controlled cars. >> golly. >> you think? >> it is just crazy. >> you never know what you can do though. >> yesterday, one of our photographers were talking about all the things can you do with your phones. he said pretty soon you'll just see people walking down the street going my e-il is not coming through. >> some little chip in your head. >> amazing. >> we've got cool temperatures across the region in the 30s and 40s. so a cold start to the day. take a jacket with you. take a look. here are the temperatures that we are looking at here in d.c.
6:47 am
45. don't know what it is. it is 44 degrees is what it is. what is wrong with this computer? >> updating. >> it just updated. was i looking at it the wrong way. >> no, you were just angry. >> 44 degrees right now in washington. probably should not do that. 36degrees currently in manassas. gaithersburg, 37 up in baltimore, it is 3-9d. in fredericksburg, it is 39 degrees as well. let's take a look at what is going on with the satellite- radar. we do have mostly clear skies. again, we do have the fog in place. there is no fog advisory but there is some fog in place in some of the low-lying areas. we've shown you the live pictures of that through the course of the morning. here is your cold front. there is the leading edge out there. here is what i expect to happen. take a look at the surface map for today. in advance of the fronted, we warm up to about 6 # degrees downtown. that is where we were yesterday. the front comes through. winds shift to out of the northwest. high pressure settles in.
6:48 am
it will be a quiet few days after today. but those temperatures will drop and you will start to feel that tonight when our overnight lows will be in the 30s. here is the forecast for washington for today. mostly sunny skies, becoming breezy. winds will shift oust northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. 62degrees for your high. five-day forecast, for tonight, i think our temperatures drop off to the 30s. 39 downtown. lower and mid-30s elsewhere. for tomorrow, quieter day. 55degrees for your high. lots of sunshine. we'll have low temperatures for the next several days with highs only in the 50s. overnight lows in the 30s in much of the area. the next several days to look dry with the lone exception of a slight chance after shower wednesday night into thursday. we'll see. we don't have a lot of confidence in that. >> time for ask the weather guy. it is a segment where cker bars and i put our big geeky weather heads together to answer our most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise.
6:49 am
laurie trainer writes i've noticed during my travels to the eastern shore that all of the seagulls standing or sitting on top of the light post are always facing in the same direction. can you explain why? >> incident rhetting question. >> it is an interesting question. when you think about it, she's right. all the birds, whatever direction it is, they are all facing the same way. why would that be? i thought i have to ask someone would is an expert with bird stuff. and there is no one better than tucker barnes would happens to know all about birds. >> that and you didn't have any other choices. >> there is a reason for this. >> this is a great question. it just goes to -- i'm he always ablazed a tee grand design of mother nature. everything for a reason. in this case, they all point in the same direction because they want to face into the wind. they are always facing the wind. that is one of the reasons why
6:50 am
they are always facing the win. another is you've heard the expression roughling their feathers. they don't like to have their feathers ruffled. that is because of insulation. they can keep warm. >> when the feathers are flatten out, that is when the are at their warmest. i was saying to tucker, i understand them landing into the wind but i thought when they would take off, they would want to go with the wind but you say no. >> they want to face the wind. you can see this principle yourself the next time you fly on i plane. the planes take off into the wind and land into the wind. you can notice that at the airport. >> they need the wind beneath their wings. isn't that a beautiful song? >> it is beautiful. >> i love that? do we have that. >> i hope not. >> oh, tucker, that is
6:51 am
beautiful. you're everything i wish i could be. & i could fly higher than an eagle &&. >> a very special moment for all of here is a. ♪ated be the wind beneath my wings. >> i love it. >> thank you, tucker. thank you. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. we'll try on get through it for you. >> i thought that was the coolest answer about how god work in amazing ways to make things happen and look at you. >> another amazing with a right in front of us. >> she's not happy with that. >> you clowns. >> all right. julie wright, what is going on with traffic? >> honey we went from the birds to the dogs. okay. >> the music brightens up your life. come on. >> something like that.
6:52 am
>> i'm all about music brightening up my life. here we go. eastbound 66 as you try to work your way in from manassas, again, heavy slow and steady heading up to the virginia visitors center. it has been cleaned up and moved to the shoulder. top side below speed leaving college park traying to get past university boulevard. southbound bw parkway slowing between 198 and powder mill road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are on call this morning with welcome news for pregnant women and others at high risk of catching the swine flu. >> their there are new studies that show the vaccine is safe and it has caused very few complications. david lee mill hears the details. >> this georgia mom and many pregnant women like her are nervous about catching the h1n1 virus. they are a part of one high- risk group doctors have been
6:53 am
saying should receive the vaccine i'm afraid i'll get sick. >> reporter: some reassuring news. studies show they are responding well to just a single dose of the h1n1 vaccine, not the two initially recommended. >> this should be reassuring news to those women who already have received the vaccine and it is vital information for those pregnant women who have not yet been vaccinated, importantly, the pregnant women participating in the trial have tolerated the vaccine well and no safety concerns have arisen. >> reporter: still, studies show nine and under do need to get two shots. but for those older than nine, one is enough. >> there was a sharp increase in the immune response to the vaccine after they received a second dose. >> reporter: the government also put together an incident panel of scientists to study various aspects of the h1n1's impact on the public. >> it will be looking at the data with us to make an assessment of the safety of this vacine as we are going forward.
6:54 am
>> the federal government also addressed the vaccination shortage. why demand remains high, it says more supply is on the way. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> montgomery county has been forced to cancel some of its vaccination clinics because of a shortage. county has not received as much of the swine flu vaccine as anticipated and is now only vaccinating pregnant women by pointment and those are booking up pretty fast. there are no more appointments available if a clinic set up for tomorrow. there are two more vaccination clinics in the district though. one is at hardy middle school and another at wilson senior high school both from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for priority groups only. you can find out more about other clinics on click on swine flu at the top of the home page. you have heard it over and over. hand washing is the best way to stop infections. maryland is starting a first of its kind program to make sure hospital employees are indeed washing their hands. so-called secret shoppers will be keeping an eye on things. the program put together in
6:55 am
partnership with the cdc is called the maryland hospital hand hygiene collaborative. there is a warning for expectant mothers this morning. doctors say certain antibiotics could uncrease the risk of birth defects. researchs are found mothers who had children with birth defects were more likely to have taken two different types of antibiotics ile they were pregnant. the study concludes that penicillin appears to be the safest. there is a chance to make a difference in a child's life. there is a night of hope gala. the black tiement includes great food, entertainment, dancing, asilement auction, a live auction. event is saturday t kick off at 6:00. if you would like more information or buy tickets, you can go for and look under web links. can you cross cooking off your to do list, cooking donor off that list by getting the children in the kitchen. >> holly is going to the head of class and she will show us something new that is guaranteed for future chefs. 
6:56 am
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♪ spread a little something' to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪
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♪ living the life with me... ♪ [ music ] the boss was in the district. bruce springsteen and the e street band played. bruce and the band now head to charlotte, north carolina. that will do it for this election day. time to say good morning to allison who is joining steve. >> thank you. coming up, our big story this morning, it is election day in virginia and maryland. the race grabbing


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